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The Art of Venus 

Tête-à-Tête Festival 2017

RADA Studio Theatre 

In 2027, as a crew hurtles through space on the first one-way mission to Mars, humanity holds its breath: can the planet be colonised? And will Venus take it lying down? Mythology meets sci-fact in this post-baroque opera. 

    •    35 minutes

    •    5 voices, 4 instruments

    •    humans v. gods

Opera With A Title

Tête-à-Tête Festival 2015

Kings Place 

Drawn from two little-known plays by Lorca, this features a plot that's surreal and imaginative. A superb cast directed by David Edwards and conducted by Ed Spanjaard premiered the work which was supported by the RVW Trust, the Golsoncott Foundation and the Gemma Classical Music Trust. 

    •    50 minutes

    •    5 voices, 4 instruments

    •    dreamlike and poetic drama

The Catfish Conundrum 

Brighton Fringe 2015

The Warren

Tête-à-Tête Festival 2014

Kings Place

A dark comedy with some serious underlying issues, this work re-visits a controversial exhibition of contemporary art in 1971. A virtuoso piece for 5 singers with violin and cello - and a set featuring an inflatable paddling pool

    •    40 minutes

    •    5 voices, 2 instruments

    •    operetta, lyrical music

    •    Is this Art?

six characters in search of a stage

Mini tour 2014

incl Brighton Fringe

The Forge, Camden 

Six Characters appear before a confused opera director to show and sing their own story...

    •    55 minutes

    •    no sets

    •    5 voices, 5 (or 2) instruments

    •    surreal drama