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    •    ✩✩✩✩ "Bite sized opera strikes gold: An impressive debut with all the ingredients of a full length opera, arias, love scene, ensembles and a final tragedy all played out in just 55 minutes. This rich mix of interlocking characters quietly bring their theatrical performances to an intense climax of pain and despair. There is much to commend this lively production…” (Six Characters,

    •    "fabulous piece of theatre..." (Six Characters, Newbury Weekly News)

    •    ✩✩✩✩✩ " pace, stylish production...and Lambert's strikingly lively score" (Six Characters, Planet Hugill)

    •    "...a rather quirky and entertaining piece which had a very real point to make. Lambert's music is tonal but complex, there are tunes but the music never talked down to you. His vocal lines sounded interesting but singable. There was something of process music about his instrumental writing, he liked setting up figures and letting them run, but he managed to get some remarkably fascinating and complex textures from his quite minimal forces. Performances were admirable, and all the singers had great charm and stage presence, bringing off their various roles and creating a quirkily entertaining ensemble, but one with a point." (Catfish Conundrum, Planet Hugill)

    •    “Came to your opera the other night - by the way was really cool ! Having never been to an opera before… this was completely different to how I expected - even down to the singing style… I enjoyed it a lot because of this. The way I look at opera has definitely been altered. I would approach other pieces with an open mind and a view that opera is in fact a flourishing and contemporary art form.”(Josh, student, at Opera With A Title, 2015)

Opera With A Title

Tête-à-Tête Festival 2015

Kings Place 

Drawn from two little-known plays by Lorca, this features a plot that's surreal and imaginative and includes an orgasm quartet. A superb cast directed by David Edwards and conducted by Ed Spanjaard premiered the work which was supported by the RVW Trust, the Golsoncott Foundation and the Gemma Classical Music Trust.

    •    50 minutes

    •    5 voices, 4 instruments

    •    dreamlike and poetic drama